How a Change of Perspective Can Positively Affect Life


“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” – We have all heard this saying. This saying is a simple reminder that no matter what hardships we face, we are in control of our lives. A change in perspective can positively affect our life in various ways. However, in order to change perspectives, we must first acknowledge the possibility of other perspectives. We need to understand that there is more than one way to look at something. Here are some ways to help we change our perspective in life.

  • Believe that people are inherently good

Well, I’m sure a lot of people would love to argue whether people are really fundamentally good or not, but what I’m saying is simply to believe that the people you deal with everyday are good. If we constantly assume other people act with negative intentions, the world will start to look a lot bleaker. On the other hand, if you believe that they are good, your outlook in life would also improve.

  • Don’t let past mistakes drag you down

Learn to let go. Bad things happen, and the worst thing that could happen is if you continue to dwell on it. Just let it go. Learn to move on. Remember, you learn more from failure than from success, so don’t let mistakes stop you because it actually makes you stronger.

  • Set proper expectations

Nobody expects you to be perfect, so don’t think that you are. When expectations rule our lives, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Learn to let go of your expectations about how you think your life should be and start exploring what life has to offer.

  • Learn empathy

Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. By doing so, you can improve your social skills and you won’t judge people too quickly. Who knows, the person who bumped into you on the street may be in a hurry because there is an emergency. Don’t think that someone is a jerk if you don’t know him.

  • No man/woman is an island

Look, we all need friends. Even anti-social people need friends in their lives even though most would deny it. Being around people is vital for happiness, so go mingle with your buddies right now.

  • Think happy thoughts

“Your angry thoughts are the problem. When you think over and over about what you don’t want, you end up getting what you pay the most attention to; the thing you don’t want! When you think over and over about what makes you happy, you bring more happiness into your life.” – Taken from Ethel Coffey’s How Meg Changed Her Mind.

Sound simple enough doesn’t it? Simple but effective! Stop thinking about negative thoughts and let yourself feel the joyful experiences in your life. Don’t let negative thoughts drag you down. Think happy thoughts.

We have a choice in how we view things in our lives. Take a look back and think of the many adversities you have endured and the many blessings that have arisen from them. By changing your view and identifying the positive of every experience, you have a chance to find the bright side into your situation no matter how tough it seems.

Your thoughts form the way things happen in your life”. – Sabera the Quail (Taken from How Meg Changed Her Mind)


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